The Lyson Empire knew of its precarious position after it declared it's independence, that the Diplomatic corps was formed by Baron Vekli Tav to facilitate and start diplomatic relations with its neighbors and other countries.

Placed in charge of this division was the trusted aid of Baron Tav, Duke Ryan Se'La. He was installed to his place and official approved by the Empress on August 10th,304.

Lyson's Diplomatic stance is if you are a friendly nation and wish to do business, trade, or any other matter, you are welcome to contact our government. Your nation's belief will not hinder us from negotiating anything. We just ask for mutual respect.

You can contact the Lysonian Imperial Diplomatic Corp at Morg223 AT gmail DOT com.

Diplomatic Listing
Seal 'Ambassador Lysonian Ambassador Agreement
Cimembassy.jpg Ambassador Mrytle Lord Stephen Klao Trade Agreement/CLEAR Project
Utaniaimage.gif TBA Trade Agreement
Fenizimage.gif Amb. Eduard Dargatchov Trade Agreement
Zartaniaimage.gif TBA Duchess Wyna Medel Trade Agreement / Crown Alliance
Meckern seal.png Lord Arendt bi der Karcke Lord Halla Vinsa Trade Agreement

Hostile Countries

Hostile Countries are the countries that the Lyson Empire will not deal with. The reasons are stated in the box beside the name.

P.R.O.G. Enemy of the State