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Diving will consist of a panel of 5 judges with a score from 1 to 10 with increments of .5 allowed. The degree of difficulty in a dive will be taken in to consideration of the score. Ties in score at the end will be resolved in the latter part of the day with the tieing divers getting a chance to go a second time.

Example of score in a 5 judge panel is:

Scores: 6.5, 6, 6.5, 6, 5.5, 6
Low (6.5) and High (5.5) Scores Dropped
Raw Score = 18.5 (6.5 + 6.5 + 6)
Raw Score (18.5) x Degree of Difficulty (2.0)
Total Score for the Dive = 37.0

The crowd began to form around 0600 the morning of the diving competition, the crisp autumn air bringing respite to the high heat that had permeated the country side only a week before.

The Pool of Valor, rung with spectators and coaches, watched as each of the ninteen men from eleven countries preformed in the competitive high dive.

The first part of the day showed only an exellent preformance from Ruslan Ankudinov of Rovens with his triple somersault and clean entry in to the water below. The judges averaged fives which had been good since they had been ranking lower fours all morning.

After a short break for lunch, the competition continued with Manion Halta of Wesmerite completing a beautiful single somersault and entered the water with barely a ripple. His impressive show was only beaten an hour later by Carlos Santorio of Saint Samuel was an equally clean entry, but added two twists to his somersault.

Near the end the crowd were amazed with Adaf Thomus of Kemedal at a perfect one somersault and triple twist which only James Nell of Lysonia would be able to add an extra two sommersaults winning the gold by a hair.

At the end of the day the crowd cheered for James Nell who won the Gold, Ruslan Ankudinov who walked away with the Silver and Adaf Thomus the bronze.

Tommorow many wonder who will win as the diving competition continues with the female divers.

Nations at Event
Name Score Country Medal
Laertes Anemon (6)(6.5)(6)(6)(6)x2 = 36 Aethelnia
Aetho Barudelonne (5)(5.5)(5)(5)(6)x3 = 46.5 Aethelnia
Shane Graves (6)(5.5)(4.5)(4)(5)x2 = 41 Caledon
James Nell (6)(7)(7.5)(6)(6.5)x3 = 58.5 Lysonia Gold medal.png
Yanath Kal (3)(2.5)(4)(3)(2)x2 = 16 Lysonia
Jon Castle (4)(4)(4)(4)(4)x2 = 24 North Dignania
Jojo Di Manti (4)(5)(4)(6)(7)x3 = 45 Saint Samuel
Carlos Santorio (6)(6)(6)(6)(6)x2 = 36 Saint Samuel
Serett Sazon (5)(5)(6)(7.5)(5)x2 = 32 Shaelia
Qamula Apimo (3)(6)(8)(6)(5)x2 = 34 Shaelia
Davis Aston (3)(2)(4)(5)(6)x2 = 24 Utania
Amea Atustha (3)(4)(5)(4)(4)x3 = 36 Utania
Gerrad Oates (5)(4)(5.5)(5)(6)x2 = 31 Wesmerite
Manion Halta (5)(5.5)(5)(5)(5)x2 = 30 Wesmerite
Adaf Thomus (5)(5.5)(5)(5)(6)x3 = 46.5 Kemedal Bronze medal.png
Rhys Ahrean (4)(5)(4.5)(2)(4)x3 = 37.5 Kemedal
Olezka Zyuganov (6)(6)(5)(6)(5)x2 = 34 Rovens
Ruslan Ankudinov (6)(5)(5)(5)(6)x3 = 48 Rovens Silver medal.png
Bayi'Itt (1)(3)(2)(3)(4)x2 = 16 Feniz